The Process - Exterior Painting 100%


80% of our work is preparation. Attention and meticulous care to every detail are essential to achieving the finest results.


STEP 1 - Pressure clean with TSP to remove mildew and dirt where needed.


STEP 2 - Scrape loose flaking paint and sand same areas. May need to be scraped again following the application of primer or paint due to some paint will be pulled up from the surface once primer or paint is applied.


STEP 3 - Remove all loose caulk and recaulk.  We will remove the loose caulk from window and door trim and recaulk same areas.


STEP 4 - Remove all loose glazing and reglazing.  We will remove the loose glaze from window trim and reglaze same areas.


STEP 5 - Remove and replace rotten wood.

Rotten wood to be replaced with #2 primed wood or PVC (which never rots and does not absorb moisture which causes paint to peel and bubble).


STEP 6 - Application for primer - We apply gray color oil base primer to all areas.  We use gray color for owner to identify that primer application has been applied 100%, no cutting corners.


STEP 7 - Application of finish coat – We will apply finish coat to all areas, by brush and roll method. We use top quality paints.


STEP 8 - Once painting is completed, wash windows.


STEP 9 - Owners must open windows after painting is completed, in order for the windows not to stick.


STEP 10 - Inspection with Homeowner and Foreman of Ploutis Painting & Contracting for completed painting.


loutis Painting & Contracting
Professionalism of the crew

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Ploutis Painting & Contracting
Ploutis Painting & Contracting

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