Professionalism of the crew
Professionalism of the crew

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“Ploutis Painting has been servicing many of our properties for the past 20 years.  Our staff and association board members strongly recommend Ploutis Painting Company for future painting jobs.”
Abode Management-
Midgette, Property Manager



Professionalism of the crew
Professionalism of the crew

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“Their work was excellent and the project was completed on time with great attention to detail. Their staff was attentive, easy to work with, and produced quality work.”
Parchman, President and CEO



Professionalism of the crew
Professionalism of the crew

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“We know that you take great pride in all of your workmanship: This is evident through the excellence of the leadership you provide and the skill your workers demonstrate. We highly recommend your company to any source seeking your expertise.”
Lakeside Condominium-
Fleming, On site Manager



Professionalism of the crew
Professionalism of the crew

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“This letter of appreciation would not be complete without acknowledgement of the professionalism of the crew and their good humor throughout the work on our residence.”
- Martin



Accomplished timely and very satisfactorily
Accomplished timely and very satisfactorily

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“My husband and I confidently recommend your company to anyone knowing that with your diligent oversight and the highly professional manner of your staff the project will be accomplished timely and very satisfactorily”.

- Pickard



Accomplished timely and very satisfactorily
Accomplished timely and very satisfactorily

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“The place looks absolutely great. We can’t believe the difference. Just about everyone in our neighborhood has commented on how wonderful the place looks – even total strangers walk by and tell us how nice it turned out.”
- Lippert-Martin



Numerous complementary comments from residents
Numerous complementary comments from residents

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“I received numerous complementary comments from residents about both the quality of your work and the courtesy shown by your employees.”
- Cahalen


What our clients have to say:

"My wife and I still look in wonderment at an example of professionalism at its best. Our hats off for a job well done beyond our exceptions."


"I appreciate the impression your employees give of wanting to do a good job for the customer from start to finish. The product was neat, quickly accomplished, and done to my satisfaction."


"The restoration of Glebe House, Arlington's oldest home built in the 18th century, took 24 months of round the clock intensive work by many historians and dedicated craftsman and contractors. Your team at Ploutis in my mind are unmatched in their dedication to the job-taking extra time to get it just right.
Quite frankly, we were dumbstruck about the attention to detail and quality of work performed by your employees."


"The painters were hard working, polite and always answered my questions. It was a pleasure to have them working in my home. Your business method is the best and I thank everyone for a quality job."


"The Ploutis Painting work is more than satisfactory; it is exception. We are delighted. I first heard of Ploutis a number of years ago in news articles about the work you were doing at the U.S. Capitol, and - since then-several neighbors have used your services and mentioned the great work you do. They were
certainly right; Thank you."


"This very large undertaking was completed on schedule, with your professional workforce proving to be more than a match for the complex needs of the house."


"For your information, we have contacted several of the references you provided us. Without exception, they all spoke very highly of the quality of work and overall professionalism. After speaking at length with these clients, there was no question that selecting Ploutis Painting to do our work would be the right choice
for us. We look forward to commencing the project."


“The painters did an outstanding job.  I was extremely impressed and satisfied with the way the painting turned out.  Even though the carpets are being replaced next week the painters didn't get any paint on them.”
- Taylor


“We are very pleased with the work, the professionalism, the care and attention of your workers.  Rafael and his crew were a joy to work with and they did a superb job.”
- Schweers


“Ploutis Painting provides outstanding service and attention to detail.  The work is done at the cost quoted, completed earlier than expected, and performed with minimal impact and inconvenience to residents affected by the project.”
- Franklin Farm Foundation- Schmitt, Executive Director


“The purpose of this letter is to thank you for the excellent work your company performed here at Frederick Courts.  As you know, the community's past painting projects left much to be desired.  Poor preparation and sloppy workmanship resulted in short lived paint applications and unattractive finishes.  However, the services provided by Ploutis proved to be considerably different and a vast improvement!”
- Frederick Courts- Hariston, Site Manager


“Please pass on to Rafael and the rest of the painting crew that painted our house last week that we are very happy with the job they did. They cleaned up very night and got the job done quickly.”
- Hix


“The work was done efficiently, on time, as promised.  The workers left the house clean and neat-no materials or wood left behind.  When Gus gave us advise, we knew it was in our best interest to take it because he explained the matters so well.  We would be pleased to hire Ploutis again, and can recommend your firm to anyone considering hiring a contractor to repair and paint their home.”
- Weiss


“We are writing to thank you for the careful attention you paid to the exterior painting job on our home.  Orlando and his crew were "top shelf".  They painstakingly prepped the surfaces, carefully repainted and cleaned up.  They were professional, courteous, and helped in every way imaginable to make this project go as smoothly as possible.  It was a pleasure to work with them.”
- Balzhiser


“Your painters did a FABULOUS job! It was far more than I expected. I thought they were just coming in to Sthrow some color on the walls. I was so surprised to see that they fixed pop nails and even builder's flaws on the walls. They were also friendly and neat (they even took their shoes off when they came in the house).”
- Stanziola


“The work in my office was done quickly, professionally and the area left in a clean manner.”
- Foote


“You have stood behind your work 100% and we sincerely appreciate it.”
- Boyle


“We have retained the services of Ploutis Painting for more that 15 years and are very pleased to recommend their quality workmanship without hesitation or reservation of any kind.”
- Bernabucci


“I am more than pleased to commend you on fulfilling your contract responsibly and with the highest possible degree of care and attention to detail. Clearly you take pride in your work and care a great deal about your excellent reputation.”
- Gutin


“It has been 3 months since you finished painting our house and we’re still surprised by the transformation. You told us that every house you painting ‘looks like new’ and in our case you are absolutely right. We loved our old 1920-era frame house before, but we’re delighted with its new facelift.”
- Knetl & Baker


“In 1973, we painted the RFK Stadium’s structural steel. We started the job on Sept, 10, 1973 and it was completed 100% on Feb. 26, 1974, with a total of 23 week payrolls. When we started the painting, some of our competitors stopped by and made comments that it would take us 2 to 3 years to complete. Also they said we would need a 500 ft. crane or a helicopter, in order to reach all areas, but they were wrong. We stretched under the main beans cables and on those cables hooked our aluminum platform in order to reach across at the secondary bases, 15,000ft. cables we used throughout the job.


We had placed an ad in the Washington Post for painters for $15.00 per hour, which was a very good payroll, in 1973. Daily painters would apply and as soon as they saw the area of work, they would leave. A few went up on the scaffolds and froze from being afraid and had to use different methods of rope in order to get them down. We used eight groups of two men per group, paining different sections. In order to supply the men we had to buy an Electric Gulf cart to move around the stadium. We are proud of the performance on this job. Also note the RFK stadium was completed without any injury, during our paining.”

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Alex Ploutis, Founder of Ploutis Painting & Contracting


“Your proposal dated May 9, 1974, to furnish all labor, equipment and materials and perform the work for the scaffolding, cleaning and painting of the Main Rotunda, Small Rotunda on the House Side, Statuary Hall, and the alcove between Statuary Hall and the Small Rotunda on the House Side in the United States Capitol, Washington, D.C., in strict accordance with the Project Manual dated April 16, 1974, as modified by Addendum No. 1 dated April 19, 1974, for the consideration of Three hundred thousand and No/100 dollars ($300,000.00), is hereby accepted.”

View First Letter | View Second Letter
George White
Architect of the Capitol


“It was that extra effort on all those little things that I appreciated  the most.  Every day someone would do just a bit more that made it a lot more for me.”
- Key


“Just a note to let you know the job that was done at our house was terrific. The men worked very hard and we appreciated their efforts.”
- Mattey


“Today your crew finished the exterior painting of our home. Together they performed a wide variety of tasks, all in an exemplary manner.”
- Heim


“I want to especially thank you for your ability to move and put back in place heavy furniture and artwork. I just could not have moved those items myself. Ploutis personnel did high quality work, arrived on time, and cleaned up after the work was completed.”
- Werner


“Thank you for the excellent work and painting on our home.”
- Coffel


“Please give special thanks also to Crenscio Castillo and Gustavo Desa for being such a dedicated and hard working team. The results of their efforts are truly beautiful.”
- Hall


“We appreciate the wonderful job you did power washing, cleaning and painting of our 2 decks and screened porch. We also appreciate how quickly and efficiently the work was completed”
- Crow


“My experience with Ploutis Painting has totally surpassed my expectations.  When I saw the finished product, my house looked stunning.  The crew was very professional and took the extra step to do a wonderful job.  My house looks so beautiful now, and I am so grateful”
- Duncan